Gateway Strategies International began officially as Greater Hope International in 1994 as an apostolic ministry designed to equip the Body of Christ in Kingdom principles. Out of this pursuit, a local church was birthed as an apostolic resource center and a base of operation in Atlanta, Georgia under the leadership of Randy Howard. GHI began to find great success working into the nations as divine connections were made with key apostolic leaders.  


As ministry was taking place in the nations, friendships were growing as well in the United States with churches of like-mind. Over the course of seven years (1994-2001), GHI established a small, loosely knit relational network as well as ministry bases in several nations (Nicaragua, Nigeria, India and Cambodia). Growth overseas occurred rapidly and the focus on the domestic side became secondary.


In 2001, Randy Howard relocated to Victorville, California to take the leadership of Faith Community Church, now known as The Gate Church of the High Desert. As the founder and President of GHI, he moved the ministry to Victorville as the base of operations. Due to the transition and Randy’s attention to the new local church, GHI’s domestic network declined with just a few partnerships continuing on together. However, the overseas ministries continued to flourish.

Ministry bases were established in Latin America, Africa and India for the purpose of network building and leadership training.


In 2006, Faith Community Church changed its name to The Gate Church of the High Desert and in keeping with this direction and for continuity purposes, Greater Hope International became Gateway Strategies International.


GSI expanded its training capacity in the nations with emphasis on spiritual formation, family development, and church and faith-based consulting. Personal, organizational and social transformation are pursued throughout the nations with conferences, workshops and seminars.


Since 2006, GSI has had a significant impact throughout the earth reaching over 250,000 people, training over 30,000 leaders, ministering to over 10,000 families and assisting in the birthing and/or revitalization of over 1,500 churches and faith based organizations.

The future for GSI is even brighter with the re-launch of the Gateway Leadership Institute. GSI will continue to serve the local communities through the Family Life Initiative, the Church Life Initiative, the Faith and Culture Initiative as well as the Global Mission Initiative.