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Gateway Strategies is an international training ministry specializing in the spiritual formation of individuals, families, churches, communities and culture. We believe that the gospel is to be central in all aspects of life. With this in mind, we focus on four ministry initiatives. Please check these out and let us know how we can serve you!

The Family Life Initiative is a one-year program designed to help husbands and wives to understand family life with a biblical worldview. The goal is to train in the areas of identity, roles, relationship, vision, mission and practical daily life. The intensive focus on the family for the past 25 years has culminated in a more strategic method for strengthening the basic building block of civilization - The Family!


The Church Life Initiative is a one-year program designed to help pastors, church leaders and those desiring to serve the local church to understand church life and ministry with a biblical worldview of the church. The goal is to train in the areas of theology, leadership development, ministry and people development, the Great Cultural Mandate and the Great Commission Mission.

The mission of the Faith and Culture Initiative is to advance the cause of faith in and throughout the culture promoting mutual efforts for the common good of everyone globally. Our focus is aimed through three core initiatives: Reconciliation, Marketplace Spirituality, Globalization.

Gateway Institute for Ministry Development is committed to the purpose of training and equipping a chosen generation of true ministers for Christ in a day of great need!  It is our desire to prepare this remnant of disciples with a deep understanding of God’s Word and to grasp their specific purpose and role in establishing His Kingdom in the earth. 



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