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The mission of the Church Health Initiative is to train and equip students with an understanding of the value of the local church in the community, in the culture as well as its impact upon the nations. The initiative is a one year program using curriculum designed to lead the student to a fuller understanding of church life. Using the Scriptures as our guide, the student learns what it means to be called, ordained and released into church ministry. The student explores the Biblical definition of the church and looks at the Biblical structure and strategies necessary to fulfill the mission of the New Testament Church. 

CHI gives the student an opportunity to gain valuable training and to earn academic credit, certificates, and degrees through ministry leadership development programs that are truly church-based and competency-based. CHI emphasizes the role of the church as the pillar and ground of truth in revealing the Kingdom of God in every sphere of society.


Renew | Revitalize | Reform

The vision of the Church Health Initiative is to prepare leaders to fulfill the Great Commission and release the gospel in effective and efficient ways. It is our aim to develop healthy, growing and fruitful churches by developing healthy, growing and fruitful leaders.

The Church Health Initiative is a three-month program designed to help pastors, church leaders and those desiring to serve the local church to understand church life and ministry with a biblical worldview of the church. The goal is to train in the areas of theology, leadership development, ministry and people development, the Great Cultural Mandate and the Great Commission Mission. The Church Health Initiative will focus on the following:


The Theology of the Church (The Purpose of God | The Kingdom and the Church | The Universal Church | The Local Church)

Leadership in the Local Church (Calling | Eldership | Pastors | Deacons | Ministry Leaders | Principles and Patterns)

Ministries of the Local Church (Casting Vision | Defining Mission | Developing Strategy | Managing Resources | People and Projects)


By enrolling in the Church Health Initiative, students will go through a 3 month program with a facilitator. Students will be required to attend weekend intensives as part of the program. These events will be onsite at locations to be determined. Between these intensives, the curriculum will be worked on by each student with a facilitator assigned to help you through it. The material will be available in both hardcopy and online.

2020 Registration & Enrollment Information


Enrolling in the Church Health Initiative is the beginning of something great for you and your church! Investing in your life and the life of those you love is significant and speaks to the desire to flourish in all areas.

The Church Health Initiative is a 3 month program that will provide training, resources, facilitation and relationship. The requirements of the program are as follows:


Registration Fee:         $  25.00

Cost of Enrollment:     $300.00

Cost of Curriculum:    $  30.00

Initial Payment of $50 to Start Program

(Covers Registration Fee of $25 and $30 Curriculum Costs)

The remainder of the cost can be paid in 3 installments of $100. The total cost of $350 can also be paid in full at time of enrollment. The Enrollment and Curriculum costs include:

(10 Teachings on CD or MP3, 2 Books, Course Workbook, Facilitator Access, 6 Weekend Intensives)

Refund Policy

If a student decides to withdraw from the program within 30 days, they will receive 50% of enrollment fee paid. They will not be refunded the registration fee or curriculum cost. They may keep the hardcopy curriculum. After 30 days, no refunds will be given.

For information on how to enroll, please call us at (760) 949-8979 or

fill out the form below and send. Thank you!



PHONE: (760) 949-8979

FAX: (760) 949-8434


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