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A Post Election Prophetic Analysis

November 9, 2020 |  Randall Howard

It is important, as Christians, that we see beyond our immediate situations and realize that God has a plan that primarily benefits Himself. I know this sounds strange since we think we are the center of the universe and that God is working overtime to comfort and convenience us. But God is about His business and if we align ourselves with Him, we become beneficiaries of His master plan and majestic purpose. So I will attempt to give a Post Election Prophetic Analysis that will not please everyone and will certainly raise some eyebrows. So here goes!


A Principled Issue: An Election to Make Our Vote and Voice Count

November 2, 2020 |  Randall Howard

This is not an election about a person, a personality or even a preference! This is an election about principles that undergird policies. Therefore, we must make our vote and voice count for principles that support a democratic republic (government by the people through representation) rather than a socialist version of democracy (centralized government overseen by an oligarchy). We must make our vote and voice count for the principle of life for all including the child in the womb rather than the position that choice is more important than the life of another. 


The Kingdom of God: An Invasion of Heaven's Culture

September 2, 2020 |  Randall Howard

In the midst of the culture wars that persist in the 21st century, progressive politicians and even liberal theologians consistently proclaim a desire to be on the right side of history. They make these declarations in regard to their social and political agendas as it relates to issues such as a ‘woman’s right to choose abortion’, ‘homosexual marriage’ and the ‘definition of the family’, ‘centralized control rather than individual freedom’ and other social and cultural issues of the day. They perceive themselves to be taking the high ground by redefining morality according to “what seems to be right in their own eyes”. 


Image by CDC

A Way of Life Threatened in a Nation in Crisis

April 8, 2020 |  Randall Howard

It is extremely heartbreaking to see the pain and devastation caused by this current pandemic, a crisis that has thrust the entire world into panic and fear. My heart is heavy for those who have lost their lives and the family’s that are left trying to make sense of it all. I am close with two families that have been touched by this deadly virus and it is hard to know exactly what to say or what to do. This is truly a difficult time for so many and certainly life altering for not only them but for all of us.


The Greatest Miracle, Sign and Wonder

December 11, 2019 |  Randall Howard

I am very much a believer in the work of God, the Holy Spirit, to do things that are considered miracles, signs and wonders. I have witnessed tremendous healings, deliverances, and interventions of God into the physical world that as Wayne Grudem says, “… arouses people’s awe and wonder and bears witness to Himself.” Of course, there are scores of things that God did throughout the Old Testament and Jesus continued to astound the human mind and heart by the things that He did.

Jesus as Leader.jpg

Christ as a Follower: The Great Lesson of Leadership

October 28, 2019 |  Randall Howard

When evaluating what a leader is, it is important to look at the life of the greatest leader of all time. His name is Jesus! It is also important, when evaluating a leader, to consider what it means to follow. So putting these two thoughts together - how does a leader exemplify strong and authentic leadership as a follower of Jesus Christ?


Sounding the Trump is Not an Injustice to Trump

August 19, 2019 |  Randall Howard

As a pastor, I have been very careful not to way in on political candidates choosing rather to speak on the issues from a biblical worldview. However, this fascination with President Trump to the exclusion of biblical principle, morals and ethics is something I have watched and even grown disappointed with.



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