Randy is not only the founder of GSI but also serves as the Administrator and Project Manager. GSI is a 501c3, non-profit charitable organization that serves through consulting faith based organizations and coordinating community development efforts throughout the USA as well as in other parts of the world such as Latin America, Africa and India.


In addition to his responsibilities at GSI, Randy serves as the Senior Leader of the Gate Church of the High Desert in Victorville, California. He is also the Overseer and Executive Director of Kingdom Ministries USA, a domestic network of ministries in the United States and he is a founding member of FACCT (Faith Advisory Council for Community Transformation) in Southern California. He sits on the boards of several organizations such as the Magdalene Home of Tyler, Texas; Maranatha Christian Mission, Arlington, Texas; and the Statesmen Project, Santa Rosa, California.


Randy received his undergraduate education from Tennessee Temple University, Chattanooga, Tennessee and Baptist University in Atlanta. His post graduate work was done at Southern Seminary, Immanuel Baptist Seminary and Jacksonville Theological Seminary earning his MA in Religion and Doctorate in Theology.


Randy and his wife Tammy have four grown married children all serving in ministry and 16 grandchildren.


2020 Itinerary for Randall Howard

Life Gate Church

January 3-5 | Newport, Kentucky

GSI Events

January 13-17 | Bangalore, India

Freedom Church

January 30-31 | Kenmore, Washington

Destiny Christian Center

January 26 | Victorville, California

GSI Theological Roundtable

February 5-7 | Newberry Springs, California

Christ Church North Bay

February 20-23| Novato, California

Gate Men's Advance

March 20-22 | Newberry Springs, California

Restoration City Church

April 24-26 | Lincoln, Nebraska

Freedom Church

March 27-29 | Kenmore, Washington

KMUSA East Regional Conference

June 15-17 | Middlefield, Ohio

KMUSA West Regional Conference

June 24-26 | Victorville, California

Come Alive HD 2020

June 29-July 4 | Victor Valley, California

KMUSA Men's Retreat

July 27-30 | Northport, Washington

GSI African Leadership Conference

August 11-21 | Kakamega, Kenya

KMI Leaders Fellowship

October 21-24 | Dallas, Texas

ICAL/Statesmen Project Conference

October 25-29 | Dallas, Texas