We believe that the Christian community has a responsibility to make a difference in this world by expressing the gospel and expanding the Kingdom of God! The purpose of God from the very beginning was that man through the family would extend the glory of God from the Garden of Eden into all the world. This ultimate intention of God has not changed. It still remains for all of us today.


Our focus at GSI is on the spiritual formation of each individual as a temple of God's abiding presence. It is also to build the family and church as temples so that the community and the culture are absolutely transformed into the new creation that was inaugurated at the resurrection of Christ Jesus. Every believer must engage their purpose in the home, church, workplace and community to be on this mission with God.


For over 25 years, we have been involved in educating, consulting, modeling and leading like minded people to live out Biblical principles that have resulted in real change. We now concentrate on achieving this through the SPIRITUAL LIFE INITIATIVE, the FAMILY LIFE INITIATIVE, the CHURCH LIFE INITIATIVE, the FAITH & CULTURE INITIATIVE and the INSTITUTE FOR MINISTRY DEVELOPMENT.


In addition, GSI is involved in many nations focused on the discipling of those nations and building the Kingdom in practical ways. This is done by connecting churches, business' and faith based organizations through Gateway Leaders Alliance, Gateway Hope Initiative as well as through alliances with other Kingdom-minded ministries, networks and community transformation groups.