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Training leaders and lay people to serve the Lord at the highest levels. Find out more on how you can be equipped for Kingdom work. Classes begin in September, 2019.


GSI serves in three areas of the world: Africa, India and Nicaragua. With two orphanages and a training center for youth, GSI is transforming nations by evangelizing, discipling and training children and youth. Find out how you can be involved with us to change the world.


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GSI is supported by the kind donations of individuals, church and business'. We like to emphasize a faith promise approach where one hears God on what to give and then responds by making a promise by faith to support the causes. We invite you to join us in Faith Promise giving and make a difference in many lives.


Blog from Randy Howard

I am very much a believer in the work of God, the Holy Spirit, to do things that are considered miracles, signs and wonders. I have witnessed tremendous healings, deliverances, and interventions of God into the physical world that as Wayne Grudem says, “… arouses people’s awe and wonder and bears witness to Himself.” Of course, there are scores of things that God did throughout the Old Testament and Jesus continued to astound the human mind and heart by the things that He did.

December 11, 2019 |  Randall Howard

The Greatest Miracle, Sign and Wonder

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When evaluating what a leader is, it is important to look at the life of the greatest leader of all time. His name is Jesus! It is also important, when evaluating a leader, to consider what it means to follow. So putting these two thoughts together - how does a leader exemplify strong and authentic leadership as a follower of Jesus Christ?

October 28, 2019 |  Randall Howard

Christ as a Follower:

The Great Lesson of Leadership


As a pastor, I have been very careful not to way in on political candidates choosing rather to speak on the issues from a biblical worldview. However, this fascination with President Trump to the exclusion of biblical principle, morals and ethics is something I have watched and even grown disappointed with.

August 19, 2019 |  Randall Howard

Sounding the Trump is Not an Injustice to Trump

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No Homeless Children
A global initiative to alleviate child homelessness around the world

Randy Howard is a pastor, teacher, coach, mentor, consultant and leader in the body of Christ.

He is theologically reformed, evangelical and continuationist. He is the founder and overseer of Gateway Strategies International, an international network of churches in Latin America, Africa, and India as well as the Executive Director of Kingdom Ministries USA and an Executive Member of the Statesmen Project. 


Randy and his wife Tammy have four grown married children all serving in ministry and 16 grandchildren.


2020 Itinerary for Randall Howard

Life Gate Church

January 3-5 | Newport, Kentucky

GSI Events

January 13-17 | Bangalore, India

Freedom Church

January 30-31 | Kenmore, Washington

Destiny Christian Center

January 26 | Victorville, California

GSI Theological Roundtable

February 5-7 | Newberry Springs, California

Christ Church North Bay

February 20-23| Novato, California

Gate Men's Advance

March 20-22 | Newberry Springs, California

Freedom Church

March 20-22 | Kenmore, Washington

KMUSA East Regional Conference

June 15-17 | Middlefield, Ohio

KMUSA West Regional Conference

June 24-26 | Victorville, California

Come Alive HD 2020

June 29-July 4 | Victor Valley, California

KMUSA Men's Retreat

July 27-30 | Northport, Washington

GSI African Leadership Conference

August 11-21 | Kakamega, Kenya

ICAL/Statesmen Project Conference

October 25-29 | Dallas, Texas



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